March 3 Grazing School Features ‘300 Days of Grazing’


HOLTON, Kan. – Forage specialist John Jennings of the University of Arkansas, will be the guest speaker at the Grazing School II workshop in Holton, Kansas on March 3.

Jennings was instrumental in starting the “300 Days of Grazing” program eight years ago in Arkansas, as the agriculture industry saw the price of feed, fertilizer and fuel take a dramatic jump. The program is designed to extend the grazing season using stockpiled forages, winter annual forages and crop residue.

The program’s basic principles were implemented on demonstration farms throughout Arkansas, and now more than 110 farms are in the program.

Jennings, who has done extensive research on winter annuals will present the five-step process, to convert farms to the “300 Days of Grazing” program.

Joining him on the program will be David Hallauer, K-State Research and Extension Meadowlark District agronomist, presenting the latest information on brush and weed control on pastures.

The program includes a virtual tour of watering systems conducted by the Jackson County Conservation District.

The workshop, open to everyone, begins at 9:45 a.m., at “Your Place or Mine”, in Holton Kansas. There is no charge to attend, however the meal provided by the Jackson County Conservation District will only be available to those who preregister. To preregister, call 785-364-4125, 785-364-4638 or email [email protected].

The Grazing School II is sponsored by the K-State Research and Extension Meadowlark Extension District and the Jackson County Conservation District, and supported by Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant funds.


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