No-Till on the Plains Winter Virtual Conference


25th Anniversary No-till on the Plains Winter Virtual Conference
January 26, 2021

No-Till on the Plains is a nonprofit educational organization that provides information for producers to adopt high-quality, continuous no-till systems and information on soil health.

Speakers incude: Darin Qualman, Civilization Critical
Darin is the author of the 2019 report
“Tackling the Farm Crisis and the Climate
Crisis” and the 2019 book Civilization
Critical: Energy, Food, Nature, and the

Chris Teachout, Breathing Life Into Our
Soils. Shenandoah, Iowa farmer Chris
Teachout has been using soil health
principles on his farm for the last 20 years.
Hear what Chris has unearthed from a soil
caretaker point of view.

John Kempf, Biology Centric Nutrient
Management, (Good bye chemistry)
John will give you a very different
perspective on plant nutrition, one you
won’t hear about from ag retailers.
 How most nutrient deficiencies are
created by over-application
 How the form of nutrients applied
determines availability, (and most
commercial products reduce
availability rather than increase it)
 How soil analyses that are known to
be inaccurate are used as sales tools
to sell unneeded products.
 How soil amendments and fertilizers
often are applied at the least optimal

Panel of the 3 Conference speakers
moderated by Dr. Dwayne Beck

To reach No-Till on the Plains, call 785-210-4549.


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