Safety—Stuck in the Mud  


Information courtesy of Kansas Farm Bureau’s Education and Training

Spring is best when there is plenty of moisture to start off the growing season. However, with rain comes mud. Here are a few strategies for getting yourself unstuck from the mud:

  • A Ratchet Strap and a 2×4– Use a 2×4 scrap and a ratchet strap to secure it to your tire through the rim. Slowly back out of the situation.
  • A Towel or T-Shirt– In a similar fashion, tie a towel through the rim to gain extra traction. Consider throwing floor mats under the tires too.
  • If you must get your tractor pulled out by someone, here are some safety tips:
    • Do not pick any old chain or rope. Pick something strong; it will be under significant stress.
    • Check for weak spots on chains. Fatal accidents happen when tow-chains snap at their weakest point and strike the operator.
    • Attach the towing device to the lowest, strongest point, like the drawbar of a tractor.
    • If more power is required, attach separate towing devices. Pulling single file puts too much stress on one tow device.

RESOURCES: For an in-depth look, here is Perdue Extension’s resource.


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