Tips for a Safe Calving Season


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Information courtesy of Kansas Farm Bureau’s Education and Training

Deaths due to livestock accounted for 16 percent of agriculture-related deaths from 2009 to 2018. Safety incidents involving calving have been on an increase. Here are tips to ensure a safe calving season:

Pre-calving behavior is a good indicator of post-calving behavior. If nervousness is observed, caution should be taken around the cow.
Keep the calving area large, open, and well-lit. Once in the area with the calf, never turn your back on a cow.
Cull aggressive cows out of your herd if there is dangerous behavior demonstrated by that animal.
If possible, be able to establish a physical barrier between yourself.
Invest in infrastructure that will keep you safe when you are processing newborn calves, like strong pens, and effective head gates.
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