Cerner Will Layoff At Least 100 Kansas City-Area Employees





Cerner Corp. will lay off 255 of its U.S. employees in an effort to boost operating margins to 20% by the end of the year. Workers will be notified throughout the day on Wednesday, a spokeswoman said.


About half of those layoffs will come from workers in the Kansas City area, Joe Mandacina, Cerner’s head of corporate communications, told the Kansas City Business Journal last week. The employees affected are from all levels of the North Kansas City-based health IT company (Nasdaq: CERN), including the executive level, he said.

Cerner employs about 30,000 people globally, 95% of whom work in the U.S., India, Germany and the United Kingdom. It’s unclear how many employees in Cerner’s foreign offices have been affected.

The rest of the story is at the Kansas City Business Journal.



(Kansas News Service)


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