Aging U.S. Infrastructure May Add To Health Risks


(NAPSI)—An aging infrastructure may be putting the health of many Americans at risk, particularly when it comes to their drinking water. That’s the word from experts such as the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which has placed a spotlight on deteriorating U.S. drinking water systems, many of which consist of aging pipes that are in need of upgrades.

With that deterioration comes increased health risks. The EPA and CDC have estimated that there are up to 16 million waterborne illnesses per year associated with contaminated drinking water. In addition, by-products from chlorine, along with mercury, industrial pollutants and pesticides, can sometimes be found in municipal tap water that makes its way into the home.

Fortunately, there are immediate steps that consumers can take to provide themselves with a better quality of drinking water that do not require government intervention or construction projects. “Using an at-home filtration system, such as a PUR Faucet Mount or Pitcher system, is a simple yet effective way to filter out contaminants while leaving you with clean, fresh-tasting drinking water,” said Mike Mitchell, a water scientist from PUR. He further alludes to the ancillary benefits offered by filter systems, explaining, “Not only are PUR filters certified to reduce up to 71 contaminants—including heavy metals, agricultural pesticides and industrial pollutants—but choosing to filter your water can also be beneficial to your wallet and the environment by reducing the number of water bottles purchased and discarded annually in the U.S.” In fact, home filtration systems such as PUR produce filtered drinking water that is about one-tenth the cost of bottled water, which for a family of four can create savings of as much as $1,000 per year.

To further counter the potential negative effects associated with deteriorating water infrastructure, all PUR Faucet Mounts and Pitchers feature MAXION Technology, a unique formulation that blends carbon and ion exchange materials for maximum contaminant reduction. Choosing to make a simple decision, such as using an at-home water filtration system, is a preventative way to help ensure that America’s aging water infrastructure won’t pose short- and long-term health risks to the general public.

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