Good and Poor Performance Trends in Kansas Nursing Homes 


Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) annually releases information on performance of Kansas nursing facilities. KABC tracks and reports information on quality in long-term care as a public service.  The following looks statewide at Kansas nursing facility performance trends – good and poor – in meeting defined health and care standards for older Kansans.

Good Performance Trends:  Facilities which achieve consistent compliance with health and safety standards; are cited for zero to five deficient health practices; are not cited for any deficient practice which caused harm or put a person at risk of serious harm; and have maintained this level of performance consistently over the past three annual inspection cycles.
Six (6) nursing homes in Kansas were cited with 0 to 5 deficiencies over the look back period of the facility’s three most recent annual inspections covering 36 to 60 months.   Five (5) of the facilities listed are not-for-profit corporations and one (1) is a for-profit corporation.  For the six facilities listed, none of the citations received were for “actual harm of a resident”, “immediate jeopardy of residents”, or “mistreatment of a resident” in the nursing facility.

Poor Performance Trends:  By contrast seventy-eight (78) of the 346 nursing facilities in Kansas were cited for 10 or more health safety deficiencies for each of the last three annual inspections. 57 of these nursing homes are for-profit corporations, 21 are non-profit corporations.
In the past 18 months, 66 facilities on the list were cited for deficiencies that resulted in ‘actual harm’ to residents or put them in ‘immediate jeopardy’ of being harmed. In the list below these facilities are identified by shaded background.


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