HRMC Auxiliary Grants 5 Scholarships to HCC Nursing Students


Five Hutchinson Community College Nursing students were each granted $1,500 scholarships from the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, an organization of volunteers who donate their time primarily by staffing the HRMC Gift Shop. Profits from the Gift Shop fund the scholarship program, as well as improvement projects within the hospital. 

This year’s scholarship recipients are Perla Chavez Carrillo, Karen Ibarra, Daniel Simental, and Laci Sutton, all from Hutchinson, and Joel Hernandez from McPherson. Hernandez, Ibarra, Simental, and Sutton are pursuing degrees to become Nurses (ADN) and Carrillo is enrolled in the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program.

The LPN curriculum is a nine-month program and those completing the course receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation. The ADN program is a two-year program and the students completing the course will receive an Associate of Applied Science-Nursing upon completion. 

The Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship was established in 2018 and, to date, 20 area students have benefited from the program. Eligible students must be full-time at Hutchinson Community College and pursuing degrees in nursing with a minimum GPA of 2.5 (on 4.0 system). Preference is given to Reno County applicants and financial need is considered as part of the selection process. Scholarships may be renewed for a second year, provided criteria is met during the first year of coursework.

Cindy Broxterman, President of the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, said the scholarship program is one of the organization’s most important beneficiaries. “Our hope is that the scholarship recipients will remain in the city to work at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center after completing their coursework,” Broxterman said. “The Auxiliary is honored to give five deserving nursing students a boost each year to take the next step for a career in healthcare.” 

Ken Johnson, President and CEO of Hutchinson Regional Healthcare System, said the healthcare system could not function as well as it does without the assistance of the Auxiliary. “Part of our mission is to prepare for the future and assist young people who are interested in careers in healthcare,” Johnson said. “The Auxiliary’s scholarship program is having a major impact in accomplishing that objective.” 

In a letter to the Auxiliary, Cindy Keast with the Hutchinson College Endowment Association said, “The scholarship program truly impacts a student’s ability to transform their lives and become successful.”


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