Help for Vegetable Gardeners   


Kansans that are new to vegetable gardening often don’t know how much of each crop to plant. K-State Research and Extension has a publication that can help. The “Vegetable Garden Planting Guide” gives information on the size of planting needed per person and the average crop expected per 10 feet. Also included is a garden calendar highlighting suggested planting dates and expected harvest dates. Crop specific information is detailed including days to germinate, plants or seeds needed per 10 feet of row, depth of planting, spacing within the row and spacing between rows. You can find the publication at your  local county extension office or online at: .  If you don’t know the location of your county extension office, see

Another, more in-depth publication titled the “Kansas Garden Guide” is also available. Newly updated, this 202-page publication has sections on planning a garden, composting, improving soil, seeding and planting, garden care, watering, planting gardens for fall production, insect and disease control, container gardening, season extension and harvesting and storing. This is followed by an extensive section on how to grow specific vegetables and herbs. You may access a free PDF copy of this publication at .  A “for pay” print copy will be provided in the future.  Check the above link for availability of the print copy and price. These publications can also be useful for experienced gardeners.

Ward Upham, Extension Agent


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