Livable Design Is What’s Cooking In Kitchens Today


(NAPSI)—Organic, ergonomic and livable are the qualities that homeowners want in their kitchens these days. Plus, everyone wants the kitchen to make his or her own unique design statement.

Here are eight facts and hints that can help your kitchen reflect the true you:

  • Consider integrated accessories such as cutting boards, workstations, caddies and grids. Grids protect the sink’s finish, and are decorative and functional for drying and baking outside the sink. Workstations and caddies hold knives, utensils and cleaning tools inside the sink to save counter space and provide greater convenience. Integrated cutting boards and colanders help you prep inside the sink to save space on the countertop.
  • Ergonomics—the science of making work easier—is seen in low-divide sinks that cleverly offer separation but room for large pots and pans.
  • Technology can bring “instant” hot water and soap dispensers to your kitchen.
  • Many kitchens feature multiple stations or prep areas and sinks. A two-sink kitchen may have a prep faucet and a large super single bowl sink. Each requires matching fixtures and accessories.
  • Save water. The kitchen faucet does not contribute greatly to overall water use in the home. It’s only a small percent of total use, but you can lower that further still with new 1.5-GPM faucets that save water.
  • Decide about the sink. Super singles and undermount sinks are both popular. Open kitchen designs call for chef-inspired faucets that are lower in height and more transitional—halfway between Contemporary and Traditional—in design. The new Blanco Culina Mini faucet fits this new category of downsized pro-style faucets. Big sinks don’t always need to be deep. About 9 to 9.5” should suffice and it will keep the sink usable while you age in place.
  • Color your world—naturally and neutrally. The top-selling kitchen colors these days are brown, beige and gray-black. In fact, from warm gray to metallic gray, all shades of gray are popular. For faucets, polished chrome and stainless or satin nickel are still the most popular as they are both contemporary and durable. These finishes go with most appliances and other fixtures in the kitchen and are easy to maintain. The kitchen sink experts at Blanco offer an interactive color tool that lets you pick the right shades for you.
  • Organic is for more than the food these days. In design, organic lines are gently sloping and flow easily through countertops, sinks, cabinets and flooring. Granite sinks are durable, functional and contemporary. For example, Blanco’s Silgranit sinks come in eight colors that match well with today’s popular surfaces.

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