School success requires family commitment


According to education experts, a lot of school success depends on attitudes toward education fostered in the home.

“There are ways families can help children get the most out of their school years. To start with, a positive attitude toward education is needed,” said Renette Wardlow, human development specialist, University of Missouri Extension.

Studies show that motivated students learn more quickly and achieve more effectively while discouraged children lack the motivation to do what is expected of them.

One way for parents to motivate their child is by providing encouragement for school success, no matter how small. Wardlow recommends “when your child becomes frustrated with an assignment, provide supportive advice.”

“Be realistic in your expectations and don’t expect the impossible from your child. I think it is important to sit down with your child at the start of the school year to help them set goals for the coming school year. Then give support to your mutually agreed upon plan,” said Wardlow.

It is also important to help set a positive climate for good study habits according to Wardlow. For example, set aside a special place at home for studying.

“Encourage a regular time and place for homework. With studying, emphasis should be on making it a habit. Regularity is the key,” said Wardlow.

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