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All through September, I have been picking peppers in my garden. Bell peppers, especially the red, orange and yellow colored ones, are probably my favorite pepper. They are just sweet and tasty! So when we have a large amount of them, what can we do? Peppers are able to be stored fresh much longer than tomatoes. They can usually keep in a crisper drawer of a refrigerator for several weeks if kept moist but not wet. For longer storage, freezing works well. Though mushy when thawed, the flavor still comes through in cooked foods. Try dicing them into small pieces and then freezing on a cookie sheet. The frozen pieces can then be poured into a plastic bag for later use. Measuring is much easier as the pieces are not frozen together in a clump. This methods works equally well for hot peppers.

Speaking of hot peppers from your garden, don’t forget you can stuff them with cream cheese, mozzarella cheese or anything you can really imagine and grill them for a fun, tasty snack!



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