Enjoy Backyard Family Time


(Family Features) A lush, healthy landscape is the perfect setting for making family memories. In fact, more than half of Americans say their yard is their favorite place at home to spend quality time with family.


In a recent survey commissioned by TruGreen, two-thirds of Americans said their fondest family memories involve spending time together with friends and family in their yard, often in the form of barbecues and cookouts.


“A beautiful lawn inspires beautiful connections, which often become our fondest memories and can even lead to creating new traditions,” said David Alexander, TruGreen president and CEO. “A happier, more connected life lived outside starts with a healthy, beautiful lawn as the foundation.”


Indeed, having a yard you’re proud to share may make creating family memories easier. Nearly half of the survey’s participants said if they had a greener, more maintained and healthier lawn, they would spend more time outside.


Follow these tips from the lawn care experts at TruGreen to work your way toward a greener, healthier yard you and your family can enjoy all season long:


  • Mow and water your lawn regularly.Basic maintenance can be tedious, but it is absolutely necessary in order to give your lawn the chance to thrive. One of the most common mistakes is not mowing frequently enough. Knowing when and how to mow – and doing so regularly – minimizes the chances of damaging your lawn. 


  • Irrigation. Watering your lawn is perhaps the easiest step to take care of on your own. Proper watering is an important factor; it’s not just about how much water to use, but when to water as well. Be sure to water your lawn weekly, as well as at the first sign of drought.


  • Keep your lawn free from debris.Another part of lawn care that is often overlooked is removing dead leaves and other debris to give room for the lawn to breathe and grow properly. Grass clippings and other debris can lead to heavy thatch accumulation, which can keep your lawn from receiving the right amount of water and nutrients, and can prevent your lawn from growing.


  • Watch out for lawn damaging insects.Most species are at their peak around summertime, when the weather is warm and they come out to wreak havoc. Unfortunately, while some lawn damaging insects are only interested in your lawn, other pests – like fire ants – may be more interested in your summer get-together guests. So before guests arrive, be sure that your backyard is properly treated for lawn damaging insects that could put a damper on your festivities and cause harm to your guests.


  • Fertilize regularly.Fertilization is one of the most important parts of lawn care, providing much needed nutrients to your soil and allowing your grass to grow green and lush. Therefore, it’s important to find a company, such as TruGreen, that includes fertilization among its regularly scheduled lawn care services.


For more lawn care and maintenance advice, visit www.trugreen.com


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