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Horticulture News


I can’t believe December is here and a new year is upon us! Hopefully you can enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I also hope you can find a new use for your Christmas tree. Don’t throw your real Christmas Tree in the trash after the holidays.

Here are some great ways to responsibly recycle your Christmas tree for other purposes. Every community is different, but in general, you have these options:

1. Use as Fresheners
If the needles on your tree are still green, strip the tree and store the needles in paper bags to use as fresheners. The needles will retain their scent and freshen your home year-round.
2. Mulch
The most common use for your tree is to make mulch or compost out of it. Whether it’s with the woodchips or needles, mulch is a great way to keep your yard trees healthy and moist during the cold winter season. Pine needles are full of nutrients that enhance the pH of your soil if its more alkaline and allow your soil to breathe without becoming dense and compacted.
3. Wildlife habitat
The tree doesn’t have to be living for wildlife to take over. Hang bird feeders to attract birds and watch your tree evolve into a bird sanctuary. Other critters will soon follow as they nest in the branches of the tree.
4. Fish Feeder
When trees are submerged in water they become a thriving reserve for fish to congregate in. The weight of the tree acts as an anchor, and as time passes algae starts to form on the tree, feeding fish while protecting them from predators. Check with local officials and see if you can drop your tree in a nearby lake or pond.
5. Cut for Firewood
Because most evergreens are heavy sap trees, they work best for firewood when used outdoors. The sap is flammable and creosote build-up can pose a threat when used indoors. Evergreens tend to burn hot and fast, making them ideal for bonfires. During a dry period you may need to check with local fire authorities to see that is safe to have a fire outside.

Enjoy your Christmas tree and family!


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