Horticulture News

Horticulture News


If you ventured out to the Harvey County Fair on Sunday afternoon you may have noticed some tomatoes that have been cut up and available for sampling. This was the Harvey County Master Gardener Tomato Tasting Table. We grow test varieties from Kansas State University and invite people to sample them and tell us their preference by taste. This year’s most selected tomato was “Celebrity”.


You may have heard of this variety since it has been around for many years. This tomato variety is vigorous, disease resistant, high yielding and exceptionally flavorful. The celebrity tomato is an All American Selection (AAS) winner variety of the tomato plant from many years ago. It has more disease resistance than just about any other cultivar and is considered the standard for hybrid tomatoes. It’s highly adaptable and almost entirely maintenance-free and produces 8-10 ounce fruits. Celebrity is an oldie but still a goodie!

A very close second variety was “Resolute”

Resolute produces large fruit in the 10- to 12-ounce range and has a firm interior and exceptional flavor. It performs well and carries TSWV resistance.


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