Lawn Weed Control

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Lawn Weed Control

The weed battle continues! Weeds are opportunist meaning they will grow where it best suits them and that is usually where the homeowner does not want them! How can we get control?

Turfgrass competition. Maintaining a strong, vigorous turf will help prevent the invasion of new weeds and help to crowd out existing weeds.

To grow turf that will compete with weeds:
• Select the best turfgrass species for your area and use recommended varieties.
• Maintain the soil pH between 6 and 7, if possible.
• Mow, water, and fertilizer properly.
• Control damage from insects and disease.
• Control thatch.
• Aerate compacted soil.

Mechanical control. Mechanical weed control includes tillage before seeding the lawn, proper mowing, and hand weeding. A few weeds can be pulled or dug by hand, but hand pulling may not be effective on deep-rooted weeds. Regular mowing at the proper height controls many kinds of weeds.

Chemical control. For some weeds, herbicides may be the only practical or effective method of control. Herbicides are especially useful during new lawn establishment or renovation of an old lawn. Once a dense turf is established and maintained properly, weed problems should be minimal. Do not depend on herbicides in lieu of good turfgrass management. Chemical weed control should be considered an aid to good management, not a substitute for it.


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