In the spring, we plant many onions in the Giving Garden in town.  At last check they were looking great and soon it will be time to harvest.  There are signs of this you can observe.  As onion bulbs reach maturity, the tops fall over to the ground. When one-half of your crop of onions have tops that have fallen over it is time to harvest. Either dig or pull the onions from the ground, keeping the tops intact. Before storing, the onions need time to cure. Hang them in a warm location out of direct sunlight that has good airflow. In two to four weeks the tops should be dry. Cut the roots and tops so only 1/2 -inch remains. Store the bulbs in a container that allows air flow such as a mesh bag. The bulbs need to be kept in a room with cool temperatures (32-40 degrees F) and low humidity.

By: Scott Eckert, Harvey County Extension Agent, Horticulture


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