Soil prep no for peas next spring


Peas can be planted earlier than just about any other vegetable crop because
they can grow well at a soil temperature of 40 degrees. Though other crops
such as lettuce, parsnips and spinach can sprout at lower temperatures (35
degrees), they don’t start growing well until the soil reaches about 45
degrees. However, soils are often too wet to work in the spring. Let’s hope
that is true this coming year as we need the moisture. Therefore, you may
wish to prepare the soil now rather than next spring so that planting can
take place as early as possible even if those spring soils are wet. Wait
until soil temperatures reach 40 degrees next spring and sprinkle the seeds
on the soil and push them in with your finger. Protection from rabbits and
deer will probably be needed as they will be attracted to anything green
coming up so early.


By: Ward Upham


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