Turf Grass Facts

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If you own a home you probably have some lawn grass to take care of. There are always lawn chores to do especially during the spring, summer and fall. We often take our lawns for granted and don’t think much more about it other than mowing and fertilizing. Here are some interesting facts about grass.

Turfgrass Facts

*Some of the world’s most fertile soils come from grasslands.

*The dense shoot and root systems of lawns help to slow water movement across the surface and improve water infiltration, which helps to recharge the groundwater.

*The front lawns of eight average houses have the same cooling effect as 24 (3- to 4-ton capacity) home central air conditioning units.

*Less than 1 percent of the domestically used water is used to irrigate landscape plants.

*Humans have been using grasses to enhance their environment for more than 10 centuries.

*Most farm fields use grass buffer strips to prevent soil erosion and filter out fertilizers and pesticides to protect surface and groundwater.

*Established lawns can increase a home’s value by 15 percent.

*When grass clippings are returned to the lawn they can restore nutrients to the soil, which can reduce the amount of fertilizer required.


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