KDWPT Virtual Meeting June 25


KDWPT Commission to Meet Virtually on June 25

Posted: 11 Jun 2020 02:45 PM PDT

PRATT – The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) Commission will conduct a public meeting on June 25, 2020, through a Zoom video conference. The public is encouraged to participate in the meeting, which begins at 1:30 p.m., recesses at 5 p.m., and reconvenes at 6:30 p.m. for a public hearing. Time will be set aside for public comment on non-agenda items at the beginning of both the afternoon and evening sessions, and members of the public will have opportunities to provide comment on agenda items throughout the meeting.

Interested parties may participate in the June 25 meeting through one of three following methods:

A) Log Into Zoom

1.        Visit https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArceiprjMoGNx7pkf8pmLMhf1JtWcpQzsC.

2.       Register by entering your first and last name, and email address.

3.       Once registered, you will be provided a link to “join the meeting.”

4.       Visitors will be muted upon entering the meeting. To comment or ask a question, use the “raise hand” feature or type into the chat area.

B) Call In

1.        Call: 1-877-853-5257

2.       When a meeting ID is requested, enter: 94661108228#

3.       When a participant ID is requested, enter: #

4.       For comments or questions, email: [email protected]

C) Watch Live Video/Audio Stream

1.        Individuals may watch a live video/audio stream of the meeting on https://ksoutdoors.com/commission-meeting

The afternoon session will begin with an agency and state fiscal status report, followed by updates on the 2020 legislative session and Tourism Division. Then, a general discussion will take place on 2021-2022 turkey regulations, park regulations, fishing regulations and public land cabin rates.

A series of workshop topics – items that may be voted on at a future commission meeting – will follow, including: electronic records for fur dealers, the use of thermal imaging and night vision equipment while coyote hunting, and falconry regulations.

The Commission will recess by 5 p.m. and reconvene at 6:30 p.m. to vote on the 2020-2021 Fort Riley deer season.

If necessary, the Commission will reconvene at 9 a.m. on June 26 through the same Zoom link to complete any unfinished business. Should this occur, time will again be set aside for public comment on non-agenda items.

Information about the Commission, including the June 25 meeting agenda and briefing book, can be downloaded at https://ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Commission.

An interpreter for the hearing impaired can be requested by calling the Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at 1-800-432-0698. Any individual with a disability may request other accommodations by contacting the Commission secretary at (620) 672-5911.

The next KDWPT Commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 20, 2020 at the North Central Kansas Technical College Student Union in Beloit.


KDWPT Considers Allowing Lights, Night Optics for Hunting Coyotes

Posted: 11 Jun 2020 02:37 PM PDT

PRATT – Though Kansas coyote hunters can already hunt at night year-round without the aid of lights, a new proposal will be discussed at the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) Commission’s June 25 virtual meeting that would allow the use of lights, night vision, and thermal imaging to hunt coyotes. Parties interested in commenting on this proposal may do so by participating in the meeting through Zoom (details here: https://ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Commission/Past-and-Future-Meetings) or emailing Commissioners directly (contact information here: https://ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Commission/Contact-Commissioners).

“Most other Midwest states allow this activity in some form with apparently no more legal or safety issues than other types of hunting,” said KDWPT furbearer biologist Matt Peek, ”And pressure from hunters, and in some cases livestock producers, for us to allow this has really grown in recent years.”

In response to requests from the public, Commissioners asked the department to develop recommendations for future consideration. KDWPT’s proposal – which will likely be voted on at the Commission’s August meeting – includes the following options:

§ Allowing the use of artificial lights, night vision and thermal imaging equipment for hunting coyotes only, not furbearers like bobcats and fox.

§ Season dates for use of this equipment would be Jan. 1 – March 31. 

§ Use of this equipment would not be allowed from a vehicle. 

§ Use of this equipment would be prohibited on department lands and waters, including Walk-In Hunting Area (WIHA) properties.

§ And, a $2.50 permit would be required initially so that the department may learn more about demand and frequency of use.

For a complete June 25 meeting agenda – including specific instructions on how to participate virtually – visit https://ksoutdoors.com/KDWPT-Info/Commission/Past-and-Future-Meetings/June-25-2020.



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