Millions in life insurance funds remain unclaimed in Kansas


Topeka, Kan. – As part of Life Insurance Awareness month, Insurance Commissioner Vicki
Schmidt highlights a lost and found search program that can have a significant financial impact on a family. Kansans can use this program to search among millions of dollars in unpaid life insurance policy funds.
“Purchasing life insurance is an important financial stability tool for families,” said Insurance
Commissioner Vicki Schmidt. “The NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator helps Kansans locate
lost or unknown policies.”
The Life Insurance Policy Locator is a free service provided by the National Association of
Insurance Commissioners. Individuals can perform a nationwide search for missing life insurance funds by providing the social security number, legal first name, legal last name, date of birth and date of death of a deceased individual. Searches can be performed at
If you have questions or concerns about a missing life insurance policy, please call the Kansas Insurance Department at 1-800-432-2484. To learn more about life insurance visit


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