WSU’s new Applied Technology Acceleration Institute partners with ANSWR, creates new lab


ken_russell_ataiThe Applied Technology Acceleration Institute (ATAI) has a new partner that could reinvent how social knowledge is created, discovered and shared at Wichita State and across the globe. The ATAI has partnered with ANSWR, an invitation-based knowledge discovery, curation and collaboration platform.

ANSWR turns searching the Internet into shared knowledge and analytics. The goal at ANSWR is to make the Internet more human; to make adding to and tapping into the collective knowledge on the web simple and fast.

Kenneth Russell, director of ATAI, was hired in June and tasked with expanding the reach and focus of the ATAI. Russell expects ANSWR to be a key partner in the ATAI’s new Center for Social Knowledge.

“ANSWR’s unique and practical approach to the discovery, organization and curation of knowledge is fundamental to effective social knowledge management,” he said.

“Joining the institute and creating an ANSWR Lab at Wichita State is a great first step,” said ANSWR CEO Michael Wexler. “We share the belief that experiential learning is key for students; and it and gives us access to valuable talent as we help our customers gain actionable insights and strategic knowledge.”

Lifelong learning

The initial contract will provide funding to hire three students for an entire academic year.

“Our students will be a part of next-generation advances in technology and, more importantly, the impact of those technologies,” said Russell. “Searching the Internet has become a daily part of our lives, and WSU students will have the opportunity to make that activity more meaningful and accurate.”

“By placing student workers side-by-side with partners in real work situations, both benefit from the collaboration and accelerated pace. Students are transformed with new confidence and a sense of greater purpose. They learn practical approaches, methods and capabilities that will serve them as lifelong learners in the new knowledge economy.”

This is the second industry relationship announced by the ATAI; the first was NetApp, announced in May. The ATAI is located in Don Beggs Hall and is a key component of the Innovation Campus strategy. Focused on providing experiential learning opportunities for students and building strong industry partnerships, the ATAI promotes a practical approach to solving complex technology problems.

ANSWR is a leading technology company focused on reinventing how social knowledge is created, discovered, and shared on the Internet. As more knowledge migrates to the Internet, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find one simple, reliable solution to a specific problem. Better search is only a small part of a better solution.

Contact: Brandy Glennie


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