Fisheries newsletter will help you catch more fish


PRATT – Did you know that more than 93 bass per hour were sampled last fall at Bone Creek Lake in Crawford County? You would if you subscribed to the Pittsburg District Fisheries Newsletterwritten by fisheries biologist Rob Friggeri. Ninety-three bass per hour is a very good sampling rate, but the fact that more than 30 percent of those bass were longer than 15 inches seals the deal for bass anglers. That little tidbit was in the newsletter, too.

Or did you know that in 2014, the biologist at Perry Lake sampled the largest number of white bass he’d seen in years? You would if you subscribed to thePerry Newswritten by district fisheries biologist Kirk Tjelmeland. Knowing that could put anglers in the right spot to take advantage of a great Perry Lake white bass spawning run this spring.

Each of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s (KDWPT) 17 district fisheries biologists produces several newsletters each year to inform anglers of programs, projects and sampling results for the lakes they manage. Together, they manage 24 federal reservoirs, 40 state fishing lakes, and more than 200 community lakes. That’s a lot of water and fish to keep track of, but the newsletters can help. You might even discover a lake in your area you didn’t know existed.

So how does an angler get wind of this valuable information? It’s easy, and it’s just a click away at From the “Fishing” page, click on the “Newsletter Request Forms” link on the right-side menu. You can subscribe to any or all of the newsletters, which will be conveniently emailed to you when they are published. You can also download and view past newsletters. Once you receive the newsletters, you can combine the information contained in them with the 2015 Fishing Forecast and the “Weekly Fishing Reports” (also online) to make intelligent decisions on where to go for your next fishing trip. Use these three tools to catch more fish this spring.

Source: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism


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