Rural Messenger featured in BigIron Legacy Video Series


This year the BigIron Auction Company is putting together some short videos celebrating the Legacy of Rural America.  Local BigIron Representative Melody Gains reached out the Rural Messenger, and asked if the Rural Messenger would like to be part of the project.  The Rural Messenger gladly accepted the opportunity to talk about the paper and the legacy people have grown to expect weekly.  The video can be seen at or

The video features Tammie Hoeme, Layout editor; Steve Gilliand, longtime writer for the Rural Messenger; Jennifer Long, Director of Sales and Development;  Anita Stuckey, Marketing Manager ; Sarah Krehbiel, Rural Messenger Advertiser; Jerry Howard, Rural Messenger Advertiser; Stephen McMaster, friend of Mike Alfers; Leslie Atherton, City Clerk of Haven, KS; and  Melody Ganes, BigIron Representative.


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