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Information courtesy of Kansas Farm Bureau’s Education and Training division

Floods are the largest cause of death due to natural disaster in the Unites States. The springtime is notorious for bringing on heavy rains that cause flood conditions. To serve as a reminder, here are some flood safety tips.

Turn Around! Don’t Drown!
This phrase can be used to promote several aspects of flood safety. Deaths occur with people in vehicles as well as pedestrians walking.
Six inches of rushing flood water can knock over and sweep adults away. Do not attempt to walk through flood waters.

Twelve inches of rushing flood water can carry away most cars.

Twenty-four inches of rushing flood water can carry away pickups and SUVs. Do not attempt to drive through flood waters.

Barricades in place to avoid flooded roads should be heeded. Even if the water appears still, the road underneath the water may have collapsed.

There is an inherent risk of electrocution in flood waters if down powerlines are around; yet another reason to Turn Around, Don’t Drown.

For more information, see the National Weather Service


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