Yoder Thrift Shop Gives Back to the Community


Managers and volunteers love it when they hear the Yoder Thrift Shop called the heart of the community.  They love it when customers say it is a clean, nice, fun place they visit.  They love it when they feel like they have made someone’s day, and they love it when people make a special effort to donate because they appreciate the mission of the shop.

In October of 2020, the Yoder community was faced with the possibility that there would be no thrift shop in the community.  The former thrift shop had blessed the Yoder community, and it was apparent to area residents that a thrift shop was an important part of the community.  The result of their work is a community thrift shop, appropriately named Yoder Thrift Shop, with a mission statement of “Serving Christ and Community”.  The shop has no formal ownership, space on Main Street in Yoder is rented, and it is governed by a board of directors.

All the profits, after paying monthly expenses, are donated to other organizations that are especially important to the wider community and community needs.  This includes the Haven Food Bank, YouThrive of Reno County, which assists young people when they age out of foster care, Hands of Christ, who serves the Hutchinson community through practical acts of service and care, Share Haiti, which brings relief there, and other local needs.   It is a testament to incredible support from the community and many others who travel from out of the area, that since opening in November of 2020 until October 2022, the organization has been able to donate over $94,800.

The shop is handled by two part time co-managers, Erma Yoder and Michell Yoder.  All the remaining work force is made up of volunteers.  Approximately 20 volunteers work regularly, each having unique gifts and talents that help make the shop a pleasant place to shop for quality pre owned items.  Many regular customers travel from other communities to shop and donate items. Several out of state customers visit whenever they are in the area, but of course, it is the local communities that make this possible and are crucial to the ministry of this store.  We are thankful for each of them!

 Yoder Thrift Shop is a 501(c)3 public charity.  They accept donations of clothing and household items including furniture and tools. Open Tuesday-Saturday 9-4. Closed November 3rd but open for the Christmas Open House November 4th & 5th!


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