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Rose Hill Fall Festival Scheduled

Rose Hill Fall Fest is October 7-9. A few of the events will be Run for the Roses, a parade, carnival, car show, BBQ Competition, fishing derby, chili cook-off street dance turtle races and more. More information can be found at Read more


I Hate Cell Phones

I Hate Cell Phones

    When I was working in the salon at home I could never get away from the phone. I used the same number for the salon as the home phone. I finally got smart and looked to see who was calling in the evenings and would let the answering machine get the call if... Read more


Taking care of big game meat

By Colorado Parks and Wildlife Ethical hunters not only make a clean kill, they don’t waste what they kill. So that means taking care of the meat. It’s against the law to waste game meat. If you harvest an animal, it is your responsibility to remove and care... Read more

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