Simply Sweet Inspiration

(Family Features) With California grapes as an ingredient, the possibilities are endless for trying new recipes in your kitchen. From breakfast parfaits to tasty appetizers, flavorful flatbreads and more, grapes can be an easy way to incorporate flavor, color and freshn... Read more


Closing the Loop

Just like the Disney ride says, its a small world. There is that moment that your parent hands you the box of all your memories. My gut reaction when it was my time was that Dad was acting a bit callous. I even asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to keep anyth... Read more




Nebraska bighorn sheep receive new monitoring devices More than 50 bighorn sheep are carrying new equipment to help the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission track and aid their populations, some of which are struggling in areas of the state. A crew of about 50 people, con... Read more

2014 Rural Messenger