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trevor stoll


Alfers, Mike

Mask Unmasking

Unless you’ve been purposefully ignoring everybody, you’ve heard the news that Reno County has officially lifted the mask mandate. This is a big step...


The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions. Leonardo da Vinci I get a lot of comments from readers who take exception to some...

Editorial: It’s time for answers

      By Mike Alfers, publisher. As The Messenger has recently reported, things are heating up over an apparent effort by the City of...

The Shadow Knows, again

"This week we introduce Shadow, the newest addition to our staff of writers and contributing friends.  With roots from radio shows dating back to...

Breaking up is hard to do

Over the course of our 12-year history, one practice has been something of a signature of ours: mailing of papers to homes of our...

Skunks, lost keys and such

I don’t like skunks, or snakes.  Most of God's other creatures I can comfortably share this earth with.  With only occasional moments when I...

What a gun can cost

I took Saturday to attend Lonnie Wilson's auction in Salina where a ton of confiscated items from the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks, including guns,...
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