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Woodlief, Tony


We read somewhere that the Pilgrims survived on a few kernels of corn and were thankful, so we settled on an exquisite Thanksgiving torture...

Plumbers and Priests

I don’t know how I got to the point where I’m inclined to disbelieve anything an academic claims. I’m not anti-intellectual. I read stuff....

Reading round-up

Now that Spring has sprung in my neck of the woods, I’m pondering what I might cut down, burn, plant, fix, and build, which—because...

Slow your roll, Science

The recent tragedy of a driverless Uber car killing a pedestrian in Arizona is raising questions about the future of this technology. I think we...

Shepherds and wolves

Another revelation of systematic, years-long sexual exploitation of girls in England, and the accompanying failure of men whose jobs are to protect the vulnerable....

Guide to Managing Your Internet Provider

Trying to get your internet provider to fix a problem can be dreadful, so based on recent experience, I offer you this handy little...

On the barricade

I’m not accustomed to being called a Nazi, at least not before 7 a.m. on a Monday. I was standing in front of the...

Those responsible

Since the day Cain raised a rock to Abel’s head, men have been about the business of slaughtering one another. Oceans of blood spilled...

Amor fati

The thing about babies is they don’t care about your big plans. This past year I’ve had occasion to laugh at myself many times,...

Life’s Instruction Manual, Chapter 83

My oldest son’s English teacher had this great idea, corresponding with the class reading Hamlet, for we parents to pen whatever wisdom we’ve tried...
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