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Download the November 25, 2020 edition

Download the November 25, 2020 edition

Digital Edition: November 18, 2020

Download the November 18, 2020 edition

Digital Edition: November 11, 2020

Download the November 11, 2020 edition


To be included in the Calendar of Community Events and for more info contact the McPherson Chamber of Commerce 241-3303 TO OUR KNOWLEDGE, AND AT...

2020 Christmas Salad

Contains all the colors of Christmas! This fresh, bright salad is made with broccoli, cauliflower, red onion and cherry tomatoes mixed with a creamy...

Digital Edition: November 4, 2020

Download the Digital Edition here

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dry Conditions for Kansas Wheat Advantages of “dusting the crop in” now and waiting for rain include a good seed distribution usually attained in dry...

KU News 10/9: Retired major sky-dives for Army ROTC recruiting event

Today's News from the University of Kansas From the Office of Public Affairs | http://www.news.ku.edu Headlines Editors: Note video, photos. Contact: Lt. Col. John Finch, KU Army ROTC, 785-248-4314,...

New Ag Supply Hires a Communications Specialist

CHASE, KAN June 3, 2020- New Ag Supply has officially hired a new communications specialist to assist in the development of informational and promotional...


I think I should have lived my life before 1826. That's the year the first photograph was taken and the only thing I hate...

Latest news

Horses Patience With Youngsters

“Horses must be the smartest, most understanding, forgiving and patient creatures alive today.” What an obvious conclusion seeing how no less than three dozen horses...


“TO ONE WHO HAS FAITH, NO EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY. TO ONE WITHOUT FAITH, NO EXPLANATION IS POSSIBLE.” Thomas Aquinas When the polio vaccine was achieved it was so...

Cedar Point Cowboy Top Hand At Working Ranch Cowboys Association Rodeo Finals

Life in the saddle on a top horse is required to be a top hand. Troy Higgs of the Lonesome Pine Ranch at Cedar Point...

Dear Poacher:

As all the various hunting seasons unfold here in Kansas, so do incidents involving illegal hunters, AKA poachers. As I worked on this week’s...

Wheat Scoop: Global collaboration is unlocking wheat’s genetic potential

In a paper published Nov. 25 in Nature, Kansas State University researchers, in collaboration with the international 10+ Genome Project led by the University...
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