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I HATE SNOW AND COLD!!! My dislike of snow and cold started before I was even born. As I am writing this on Sunday the 22nd of January it is a day just like the day I was born. When my mom went into labor in the early hours of the 23rd of January, my dad had to drive her to Nashville, Kansas from Medicine Lodge.
But daddy was the ambulance driver for Medicine Lodge Hospital so he was used to driving in this kind of weather. So the trip to Nashville was no big deal from them. I am sure he made the trip in record time in the snow.
The hospital was small in Nashville and was actually in an old house on Main Street. The rest of the day for my mother on that snowy day was not as easy as the drive there for my dad. Since the house didn’t have any hallways, they had mom out walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the hospital.
Mom always told me about the day I was born when I had a birthday and how they made her walk up and down the sidewalk in the snow to get her labor going better than it was. I made sure to tell her when she told the story that the snow and cold was the reason I didn’t want to be born. I am sure the day of my birth made me hate snow and cold.
But mom’s torture of me and the snow didn’t end that day. When I was 2 and we lived in Medicine Lodge she thought that my dog Brownie and I should go out side at least once each day for the fresh air and to play in the snow. Brownie and I both hated the cold and snow.
So as soon as he had done his business I was back pounding on the door to be let in. Some times I never got off the porch but just waited on him to come back so we could go in. We would be warm and play in my bedroom until the afternoon and she thought we should go out again.
When I was in school in Mullinville from 3rd grade until senior year, we lived about 4 blocks from the school. Mom thought it was good for me to walk to school so she never drove me to school. I can only remember 1 time she drove me to school and the weather was like today when we got up but it was still snowing.
There was about 8 inches on the ground when school started that day but by the time they let us out an hour early it was closer to 1 1/2 feet on the ground. They let the kids in the country have the day off but town kids had to go to school so it would count as a day. The town kids were always in school no matter what the weather was. Another reason I the hate snow.
When I graduated beauty school my folks lived in Macksville. I moved home and worked in a salon there in town for awhile and then a year later accepted a job in a shop in Kinsley. I drove to work every day for that job. Only one day in the 2 years of working in Kinsley was there bad weather. That day there was snow on the ground and highway when I left Macksville and headed west.
I drove a Pontiac Catalina convertible so it was always very stable in any weather. But that morning there must have been ice under the snow. I didn’t get very far as I headed west before trouble hit. All of a sudden the nose of the car started to turn to the left and the Catalina made at least two revolutions in the middle of the road and ended up facing back toward Macksville. I decided to go back home and stay off the road and out of the hated snow.
My husband and I live about 3 miles north of Hutchinson on Monroe. From 56th street to our addition Monroe is going uphill. When there is snow like we have today or it is snowing it is a real adventure to get home or to town, especially in my Honda Accord.
When I worked at Wesley Towers one of my jobs was driving the residents to the doctor every day. Sometimes that was exciting in their little Honda that I drove. I still hated snow and cold but I’d had plenty of experience in the snow and the residents preferred to ride with me especially in bad weather.
So I have had a life time of hating snow but learned to deal with it whether I wanted to or not. To contact Sandy: [email protected]


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