by Sandra Coleman

Animals can be bred for disposition. Through selective generational breeding, wild foxes have been bred for the cuddly warmth of your cocker spaniel. Assuming this process would also apply to humans, what do we make of President Trump? A fierce fighter, savage in his barbs, much like a wild tiger in a political jungle, hated and hunted by his foes.
Yet there is a shrewd instinct and passionate drive that can draw millions of supporters who appreciate his conservative policies.
In the last days of WW II, U.S armed forces marched into Erlangen on April 16, 1945. Erlangen was one of the few German cities that had survived relatively unscathed.
Hitler’s men had ordered that the city should not be surrendered. The city waited for the American bombs to fall. Evening came. Nothing happened. First Lieutenant
Lorleberg had stepped forward to surrender the city. The brave Lieutenant now lay dead, shot in the back by a fanatical SS officer. The city, however, had been saved.
In an eye witness report we see the following statement.
“The mental pressure caused by the politics of insanity had become unbearable at the end.”
Sixty-four percent of New Hampshire Democratic voters would rather see “a giant meteor strike the Earth, extinguishing all human life” than see President Trump re-elected, according to a new poll from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell.
Thoughtless words in a silly poll, or the politics of insanity?


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