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Harry S. Truman

I know many have been waiting for it and some have been dreading it. Is it the election? No! It is my opinion on the elections.

I am not a fan of the Demoncrat Party and became more so when the Demoncrats booed God at their national convention a few years back. What is bad is that I have voted and supported some Democrats in the past. I would even vote for the same people again if they were still around or running. But those few would not have the support of the modern Demoncrat Party today.

I have the same opinion of Republicans who make promises and once in power don’t do what they promised, could have, should have, or just plain bald faced lied to us. I am not a fan of anyone who spends money like it grows on trees and then bulldozes the orchard.

You have to have dementia, be defective mentally, or radicalized to forget what this country had just two years ago. Then believe the recent (or rotting) crop of politicians that blame the mess we are in on Trump. Let me just break down a few things here to be specific.

As to the governorship in Kansas: I have never liked any governor that this state has had from either party. I was not a fan of one governor a few years back, but, she was probably the best governor we ever had because she did nothing. Every governor that we have had has stopped the Kansas Department of Transportation from doing their job by using their money as a bank to shore up other agencies that were total goofs. When it takes 30 years to actually finish a project it is plain incompetence.

When we have an agency head in another department that diverts federal funds to support non qualifying projects and instead of being punished by the feds, he is hired by them. They saw some real potential in him.

I do not affirm Supreme Court justices because we never even know who appoints them, There are no hearings or confirmations. When I voted on my early ballot I did not see any judge that was not from the northeast. Are there no good judges from 7/8 of the rest of the state? Then the justices apparently do not know how to read. Like the National one our state Constitution starts with the words LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Only a Philadelphia (or New York) attorney can make those words mean that you can murder your son or daughter right into the birth canal. Where it is legal to inject poison into the brain and then cut the body into pieces to remove it and give the mother peace of mind.

I resent outside money coming in to Kansas to make us a destination for murder. I resent being bothered by endless appeals by telephone to support politicians in other states. I support law enforcement but will not donate one dime to professional solicitors for law enforcement groups that I have never heard of. My own experience is that the solicitors for benefits only give 10% to the legitimate organizations that they represent. I do not believe the Trooper badge or Sheriffs star in my back window will get me out of a ticket. If I earn a ticket giving money for a sticker should not have any bearing in it.

I resent Governor campaigns that distort the truth and make it sound like the competitor is a former office holder and not the real candidate. I also do not appreciate the news stations running stories validating or debunking false claims and then still taking money from the crooks to keep the ads up.

I am also opposed to the electronic platforms who are deliberately setting up algorithms to push searches back to support their political positions. (you can’t cancel me because I do not use Twitter).

I am also opposed to our state and nation allowing our enemies to be able to purchase real estate in our home. Period!

Any District Attorney, Judge, or agency that refuses to enforce the law and violate their oaths, should be removed and tried. The job is not to do it if you feel like it.

My advice to the Mayor of our largest city. make your donations before you make an ass out of yourself, it looks better. Speaking of the largest city, they just hired a new police chief from the City of Brotherly Love. I hope he is coming to Kansas to run a good department since his old one is under attack by criminals, and the City supports the criminals.

I hope that the media gives us a break for at least a week after election day before the non-stop drone about 2024 starts.


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