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If the reasons for all the suggested, irrational WOKE changes to our lives here in the once good-ole’ USA could be sifted and filtered down to a few common denominators, one of those reasons would be that too many decisions are now being made, and too many opinions are now being formed based solely on emotions alone, with little or no factual information. Don’t get me wrong, some emotions are important when making decisions and forming opinions, but the main consideration must be factual information.
Nowhere has suggested wokeness invaded our society more than in the recognition of the males and females of our species. Mom and Dad, Mother and Father, mom and pop have always been the accepted names for our parents, but now, someone who needs to leave their “Mom and Dad’s” basement and get a job, has suggested that those terms are offensive to someone and should be changed to merely “male and female of the species.” What’s next? Will we have to change the name of “Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes” to “Rhyming Stories written by Birthing Waterfowl”? Will “Old Mother Hubbard” now become “Birthing Person Hubbard”? Or “There Once was a Women Who Lived in a Shoe” would now be “There Once was a non-Binary who lived in a Shoe”?
Maybe you think I’m a tad over the edge here, but I can easily see this same confused thinking coming to rest on our wildlife as well. When referring to deer, elk and moose, bucks and bulls will have to be called “representatives of the species that grow antlers in the summer, lose them in winter and are tasty when made into summer sausage, jerky and tenderloins.” Does and cows will need to be referred to as “representatives of the species that grow no antlers, and often taste even better than the representatives that grow and lose antlers.” Neither will the terms “hen” and “rooster” be allowed when referring to game birds. Roosters will possibly be known as “brightly-colored representative of the species that grow long tail feathers and taste yummy with a side of ranch.” Hens might be “dingy-colored representatives of the species that raise the young and are never spoken of when shot by mistake.” Although peacocks are rarely spoken of by gender, they are in fact peacocks and peahens. That won’t work for sure, so male peacocks will become known as “representatives of the species that grow big beautiful tailfeathers and roost above your car at night, making the expected mess.” Peahens will become “drab colored representatives of the species that raise the young and roost at night where they will also make the same mess on your car below.”
Now, I know these new gender-neutral animal and wildlife descriptions can get quite wordy, but anything to be politically correct and stay abreast of the new “woke “generation, and all you who know me know I’m all about political correctness. By the way, “woke” now means “alert to injustice in society, especially racism,” and no longer has anything to do with the old-fashioned description of the first half-hour of the day when I’m the crankiest…Continue to Explore Kansas Outdoors.
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