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I have written about the two little chairs that hang on two trees in the backyard that hold a little bowl of food for the squirrels and the birds. One is the old fashioned orange metal chair and the other is a green Adirondack chair. The bowls are made from the bottom of a 2 liter pop bottle.
We decided the other day to change it up and put something different in one of them. So we put a little square Tupperware container in the orange chair. It didn’t throw them for a loop very long. But some of the squirrels are to fat to sit behind the container.
I looked out his morning and one of the squirrels was sitting on the really thin arm of that little orange chair and trying to eat out of the Tupperware container. She looked like one of those birds that bob up and down and dip into a cup of water.
So I will have something new to keep me entertained now to see what they are going to do with this container. It will take them a few days to get used to it and some of them will never be able to sit behind it like they always have with the other one.
Some of the squirrels are to fat to sit behind the new square cup so they have to hang upside down above the feeder and eat out of the cup. That is cute but I am not sure how that works when it comes to swallowing. I have always wondered how they are able to swallow when they are hanging upside down by their back feet.
Some of the squirrels sit on the thin edge of the cup to eat. They do some bobbing and weaving to stay on that thin cup but don’t seem to mind. I guess when you walk on the high lines and jump from thin branches to the power pole that is nothing to them.
The little female squirrel I call Cheeky doesn’t like the orange chair at all. She prefers the green Adirondack chair in the oak tree. She is usually on that chair eating or sometimes she will eat on the ground under the feeders. But she is still the boss and won’t let anyone get near her when she is eating.
The other day after we put the little Tupperware container on the orange chair a little squirrel came down the tree to eat. He stopped above the chair and was hanging upside down looking at the little container. Then came on down the tree but skirted around the feeder on the tree checking it out.
He finally decided he was more hungry than scared and finally slowly came back up the tree and crawled onto the orange chair. He sat on the back side of the container with his butt on the back of the chair for awhile. Then he got down on one of the thin arms. His butt was on the arm of the chair and his feet were on the top of the container. He sat and ate like that for awhile and then went over to the green chair to try it out again.
I love to watch the squirrels when they are in the yard and will try to move the food around so they have to look for it. We have our own well and have a well head in the back yard. Some days I will put a hand full of sunflower seeds on top of that and then a few on top of our little black landscape light by the patio.
The squirrels remember that the seeds are there sometimes and when they come into the yard every morning will look up on the well head to see if there are any there. Then they will check out the little light to see if I put some there.
We have a big beautiful English oak in the back yard and the trunk splits in to what looks like little legs as it goes into ground. Sometimes when I feed the birds and squirrels I will put some seeds between two of those trunk legs. So then they have to look around the tree to find where I put the seeds that day. It is like a treasure hunt or Easter egg hunt for squirrels. I am sure they cuss me under their breath when they are trying to find where I put stuff each day.
So a new feeder is a normal occurrence in our yard and they are used to having to search for their food each day. It makes it more fun for me to watch them when they are trying to figure out just where it is that day. But they always find it and clean everything out of the feeders and everywhere I put it is always cleaned up whether it is a new feeder or new one. To contact Sandy: [email protected]


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