New Year, New Us?

A Note from Dylan's Desk


I’d like to start off by saying congratulations to everybody who made it into the new year! 2023 was rocky and let’s be honest, some moments were rather difficult, to say the least. Between the outbreak of war in the Middle East and the continuous struggle of Ukraine and Russia, there’s a lot that isn’t necessarily “ideal” about the world. But, like they say every year, New Year, new you. I know that’s cliche, but, it could also be true. As humans, we are always trying our best to grow and move past difficult things in our lives. While there are plenty of things we could be worrying about, there are more things we could be looking forward to. With that being said, let’s look at several things that 2024 is bringing to our doorstep. Things that we can be excited about.

First of all, starting off with the Olympics. Summer Olympics are set to kick off in Paris this year. So not only will there be plenty of tourism to that major city, but it will be paired with the greatest athletes of this day and age. Could you imagine a more packed place? Regardless, the Paris Olympics will be the 33rd iteration of the Summer Olympic Games and certainly an event to put on the activities calendar. After all, who doesn’t want to see Michael Phelps win approximately 13 more gold medals?

In other world news, we have the first American return to the Moon in a long while. Nasa’s Artemis II mission will bring american astronauts back to the lunar surface for the first time since the end of the Apollo Missions in 1972 that’s 51 years ago in case you can’t count. A long time indeed. Additionally, the mission will bring the first African American and the first woman astronaut to the moon. The launch is set for November with intentions on looking into setting up a long term, human presence on the moon.

Another thing to look forward to in the realm of tech advancements is the development of ‘more useful’ AI systems. Artificial Intelligence has already taken huge strides forward in development throughout 2023, just imagine what could be possible in this next year. 2024 holds a whole world of possibility for application, development, and advancement of this new tool that humanity has to understand. Now, I can imagine there are a fair amount of you out there who are wary of the developments of robotic technology, and who’s to blame you for it. After all, we do have quite a lot of dystopian movies with humans vs robots as the tag. Not to worry though, American lawmakers are all over various regulations already. Besides, what good would worrying about something you can’t control bring?

With all these things being said, it’s important to note that this is not meant to be an outlook on 2024. Who know’s what the heck is bound to happen in this next year of chaos and adventure? We can already see about a million and a half movies and video games set to release. Not to mention the expanding job market and newer and newer art installations. Now of course, there will be bad things this year too, disease, war, and human strife is always rather sobering to the good in the world. But we must always remember that the best thing we can do about the future, is live in the present. We all know well enough that the only thing that is certain is who we are and where we’re going.


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