Roger’s view from the hills: 2015, your kidding right?

     When I was in school around 1969 I thought about what things would be like at the turn of the century.  It seemed like a long time because I would be 45 years old.  I could not imagine that the 25 cent hamburger would cost over $5.  It just seemed like a long, long time to wait.
      The revolution in technology passed me by in a blur.  It is amazing to me that the PC that I am writing this on has more power than the computer that run the space shuttle.  To go from the 707 to the 777 seems just ridiculous.  I had friends that worked on both Air Force One’s and they are outliving my friends.  I would like to see them set on the ground a little more often.
     I used to be impatient with the ‘older’ folks setting and talking about doctors and the latest ailments.  Now I am the one doing that.  Hold on!
Things that I used to love to do I cannot even get excited for and a well designed restroom is more exciting than the latest cars from Detroit.
      I will soon be turning 60 even though it does not seem possible or logical.  I am more and more not wanting to read the highlights of what happened last year.  The list of people we have lost in the year is depressing because most of the entertainers and celebrities are not measuring up to the ones we grew up with.  (Who is Rob Lowe) and why is he bothering the hell out of me?
      Ad men used to  just smoke Mary Jane, but now seem to be smoking Crack.  I am more and more wondering just what they are advertising?  It has always seemed that the latest doom and gloom scenario was hot topic on the news and now we get them in bunches.
       What is 2015 going to be about?  Well I foresee a bunch of self centered people in Washington trying to tell us how to live our lives.  I see more and more who want to give someone else’s money to others.  I see agendas coming from so called news organizations which may as well just call them selves what the are, Propagandists.
       I see self centered people worrying about things they can do nothing about and yet sacrifice their children to ‘save’ the world.  I see a whole lot of ordinary people who do the job, as they always have, in the quiet custom that they are used to.  And a handful of loud obnoxious people trying to change the world for no other reason than they have Hope and Change as a mantra.
      In other words, 2015 is going to be the same.


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