Roger’s view from the hills



                Ayn Rand
      It always hits me to ask if they think that we all are stupid?  The actions of the entire incident in Ferguson Missouri makes me stop to think if the people in Government and the Civil Rights world thinks that they can say anything and expect us to believe it?
      I know that if anyone charges a police officer and tries to take his gun, or makes any threatening actions against them, you will be shot.  You, I, and law enforcement have the right to use deadly force when there is a credible threat to life and safety.
      Anyone who has been through school, or the system, knows that a Grand Jury is presented all the evidence to determine if charges should be brought.  Where a regular jury is only presented evidence as allowed.
      Where do you know any courthouse that works past 5 PM?  Do they think we are stupid that the cameras were in place, the National Guard pulled back, and the verdict come out at 9 PM?
       Where do all the ‘rioters’ sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, and where are they from?  There are always local idiots that will loot but these riots are organized.  What good did it do the locals to burn down their stores, jobs, and churches?
      I have not had a bad experience with a person of color in recent memory.  Is that because I live on a hill?   I read now that I am racist because of ‘white privilege’.  I think that there are a lot of people that need to get a life and quit tell others who they are.
       I have known many law enforcement people and know that most are good people doing a hard job.  There are bad ones I am sure, but I never knew one to go gunning for anyone.
       When I see the leader of a country who tolerates riots, and attorney general that does the same, and leaders who advise them also are the biggest tax cheats, this does not instill confidence in our future.
      We now have Isis members threatening our military here at home and they have been advised to stop using social media that gives away where they are, I am worried.  We have advisers and members of our intelligence and security forces that belong to groups that gave rise to terrorism and yet we turn a blind eye to them.
      Sorry, we are not stupid.  History will someday look back and go ‘that the country was at it’s highest threat and the eye of authority was turned to its own endeavors’.  Wonder if the regular news media will recognize any of this?  Now there is stupid!


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