Roger’s view from the hills



     Well since it is so cold, (damn that global warming), I am not getting out and visiting parts of Kansas as much as I like to.  So even with Fox News gone fighting with Dish, politics is taking a big part of my observations.  We are about to witness the worst in human behavior.  Not just terrorists, but those who are in charge of doing our business.  The most dangerous time of year is when Congress and the Legislature are in session.
     If any of you are waiting for solutions to come out of Washington you might as well find a place to get comfortable and wait.  When the chance to replace the leader of the House was stopped we all know that things have not changed.  The first duty of the day is to punish those members who had the gall to oppose the leadership.  New ideas are not the subject of the day.
      The original way that the states selected their Senators was not by direct vote of the people.  The people elected their state legislatures and the House of Representatives for their districts.  It was up to the state to nominate and elect the senator.  This changed because it made the position too beholding to the people back home.  It is a six year term for Senator so even doing some blatant things lets the office holder pretty well count on the short term memory of the voter.
     Without an added amendment to the Constitution there is no way to rein in the out of control workings of the Federal Government.  I am afraid that the next two years will be so disappointing that the gains made in the Congress will be lost for a generation.  We are at that point where dependence on the government, deteriorating education, and expanding self centeredness are over growing the well informed voter.
      Is there anything I feel good about?  Yes.  There is a new generation of sincere, educated, and products of grassroots America starting to show up.  One that I am most hopeful for is the newly elected 113th House Rep. J. Basil Dannebohm from Ellinwood.  Whatever the circumstances, he ran unopposed in the primary and general elections and was able to concentrate on getting a foot up in Topeka and ready to hit the ground running.
      It would take too long to go through his resume but suffice it to say that he is an extraordinary person for the job and I think larger jobs down the line.  Yes I mean national office.  I want to be the first on his bandwagon.  This considering that I am not a fan of the run of the mill politician or the wannabe politician.
     As they say “all politics are local” I hope that Basil’s run at representing you and me inspires others that still possess some character and common sense to follow his lead.
      The old saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it to” never made any sense to me.  And it doesn’t take a smart elec kid on a TV commercial to say if you have cake we might as well eat it.  Lets find some more of these smart kids growing up and get them in their pushing out the dead weight.


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