Roger’s View From The Hills


Sometimes you just don’t feel all that funny

     It may be the weather or the fact that I am on my way to get a needle stuck in my back, that I am not feeling particularly funny.  Maybe it is the fact that after the known lies and false science that was pushing the global warming crowd that they are back with a new set of figures to push their agenda again.
      Or that we are two years away from the presidential elections and the news media is busy determining who we are going to nominate and vote for at that time.  What ever happened to reporting the news not creating it?
      Could it be that there are people who really believe that UN troops are threatening our way of life.  (Really, those blue bereted peace keepers that could not stop either side in a dozen conflicts from shooting each other)?
      What is fully expected is the new proposal from Der Fuher to increase taxes instead of stop spending.
       At long last the price of gas is coming back towards reasonable levels and we can fill up with wondering at the amount of money left over from the last few years.  Yet when we have the ability to buy a little more what we choose it is a looming worldwide disaster.
       The dynamic of how the world operates takes a different flow, and possibility, when energy is affordable is a fact that governments and bureaucrats don’t want us to know about.
     It is expensive to produce energy and those who are in the business adjust to the fluctuation.  Many fortunes were made from $10 oil.  There is a lot of available energy at a higher range and there is a happy medium out there.  It is just not so easy as when oil is $95 a barrel.
      When the medium is discovered and the politician and nationalists are put out of the control, the rate of efficiencies will go on and alternatives will be cheapened.
As time goes on we know that the developments will make our heads spin and it is the old boy under the shade tree that figures it out and not the PHD spoon fed the taxpayers dollars.
Right now we have a bunch of 8th century clowns threatening to attack us.  Guess it is time for rag heads and Indians.
Nope I am just not feeling so funny today.


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