Roger’s view from the hills: A holiday that anyone can agree on

                                       Irv Kupcinet
     If there is a holiday that as a whole this country can get along with it is Thanksgiving.  Since it is primarily a US holiday the people who object to holidays, that are primarily church related, can’t get too worked up. Because it is about a bunch of illegal immigrants showing up where they were not wanted, and almost died because they did not know what they were doing.
      The hard core can just put it off as being thankful for the Indians (native residents) as much as for there faith that kept them in trouble back in England.  This is the same group that would later burn witches and put people in stocks.
It also is the group that inspired such a great work of literature THE SCARLET LETTER as a great warning about the honor of the unwed mother and the secret dishonor of the father, that could not bring the fact that leaders are just people also.
Thanksgiving is that point where people can gripe about the Christmas sales and promotions starting after Halloween, that great holiday where monsters, demons, devils, and curvatious females are honored.  Haunted houses and beer are very much in style.
So much are the undead in style that Budweiser is dropping the Clydesdales for Zombies this year to try and win back that coveted 20 – 27 age crowd.  Let me tell you what, you can have Elvira back for those horses and a little dignity.
Thanksgiving is a great little holiday because you can have a nice time to thank what ever you are thankful to without some group from Wisconsin trying to change your public displays.  You do not have to spend money and can be with people you like.  We like our folks that come out.
On the next day I can marvel at the stupidity of those who fight for bargains that were cheaper last month.  Where you can set back with that Bud, sleep to the favorite game of the day, eat some good food, and get ready for the next 5 weeks of insanity.
Really, can anyone get real worked up about guys that wear knee stockings, shoot blunderbusses, and wear belt buckles on their hats?


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