Roger’s view from the hills: Gottcha!!!

                                        Carl Sandberg
     Do young people ever irritate you?  When you were young you had the energy and vitality to believe that you knew everything, and that the old fogy’s just were in the way and holding you up.  Impatience was your normal state of being.  You could not wait to drive, then you could not wait to drink.  And then you made it past those points and then those ignoring your obvious intelligence drove you to drink.
     It was said that if you were conservative when young you had no heart. and if you were liberal when old you had no brains.  Well the revenge of the elder is that at a point you will start living with aches and pains.  And then you will be having conversations with your friends about your latest ailments, the health care system, and doctors.  You will also find that the number of funerals are starting to out number the weddings you attend.
     Fall used to be my favorite time of year.  It was the season of hunting dove, quail, pheasant, and deer.  The temperatures were more pleasant and there is something about being out in God’s creation that feeds the soul.  Maybe that is why I call it God’s Great Cathedral.
     Winter was fun because I could run my four wheel drive in the snow and ice and the burn on the front of a roaring fire was great fun.  Spring was nice and the farm work started.  We endured the heat of summer because the fall  was marked by the opening of Dove and Trap shooting season every September one.
     When it starts dawning on you that it is not as much fun to walk through fields for miles, more things start upsetting your stomach, and you are on first name terms with your pharmacist, you will start noticing that HEY THINGS ARE GOING BY TOO FAST!
     GOTTCHA!!  Your are no longer that young irritating know it all you used to be.  You may be the big dog at the Liars club coffee table by now, but you will notice that those young whippersnappers don’t take your opinions as gospel anymore.  And the old farts are still calling you a kid as they give you the name of the latest wonder drug or the new specialist they are going to.  It is just our revenge to laugh at you for irritating us.


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