Roger’s view from the hills: How this ends

      As a nation we have just come through one hundred years plus of a graduated progressive movement.  Through the years of gradual change and diverting from the original intent of the founding fathers.  There are literally thousands of factors that have gone into the place we now stand as a nation.
      We have emerged from one of the most brutal midterm elections and now we set and wonder if the Republicans can change from the impulse to take their new found power and just continue the direction that the country has been heading all this time.  Seems that the names may change but the direction never does.
       Due to the spending that both parties have to take blame for it has been obvious to any economist and anyone who lived through hard times as to the fact that there will be a day of reckoning.  It is not even considered scandalous that the debt the nation is in cannot be paid off.  No matter what happens now we are almost at 18 TRILLION in debt.  Our major creditors are our enemy’s, so called friends, as well as the people ourselves.  Every bond you may have bought is a loan to the government as well as their ability to tax you beyond reason and seize your assets for any perceived wrong that you may commit.
Nations that we have held gold for in Ft. Knox have not been able to even look at their bullion let alone transfer it home.  The Chinese have been soaking up 90% of gold produced each year and India is soaking up the silver.  Both elements are essential in the new electronic world that we are addicted to.
So what happens when it all comes to and end?  I put the question to you as to why the last 30 years of government administrations have been seizing land and assets in the West?  There has been more Federal monuments, parks, and forest lands created and more controlled by the BLM than at anytime since the 1850’s.
The West is in a major part owned by the government.  That means us, but the people in Washington have made it there own.  Since Bruce Babbit in the Clinton Admin. to today, more land is seized.  Without any act of Congress the President can make national monuments on his own signature.  You probably don’t know that the latest was last week.
By the Governments own figures these states percentage of federal ownership is over 50%.  Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Alaska.  When other agency ownership is added such as military and other varying agencies the western states are in minority private ownership.  There is also strict usage on private lands by various agencies.
When the dollar is worthless and a major event or string of events has devastated the US and World economies there will be a mandatory repayment in commodities and the old controls will be thrown on the ash heap.
The US Government will be shipping timber, oil, gas, copper, coal, gold, silver, and anything that can be stripped from our lands to pay off the world of creditors.  It is our only resources that will have any value.  The old environmental restraints will be gone and our country will be stripped of its value under threats that can only be speculated at right now.
If this is a far fetched scenario ask the residents of the German Vimar Republic or Germany after World War 2.  This sounds radical I know.  Given the circumstances that we are in now I would say that the next two years are critical.  If those who now are in power do not do what needs to be done there will be a backlash that will throw us into the hands of those who allowed this to be set up.
When you say that we have spent our grand children’s future, it gives the impression that we will be dead and gone before it happens.  I am afraid that you will be here to see the devastation that has been set up and your grand children may not even be here to deal with it.
Gloomy enough for you?  I pray we never see it!


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