Roger’s view from the hills: Opening pandora’s box

                                                 Alan Dershowitz

     In the census, the numbers of homosexual citizens is in the neighborhood of 3%.  I am not wanting to tell anyone how to live their lives and I am sure that there are some very sincere people that I know in that group.  But I am not asking.  And the ones whose outrageous activities in the parades and protests do nothing to endear their cause to me.  I take no delight in pointing out anyone whose lifestyle is an affront to God and his laws, but I am charged as a believer to point out the wrong.  I am held accountable for what I do and don’t do.
      I am constantly bombarded by the news media and the politically correct crowd that if I do not agree and give my blessing of their behavior then I am a racist.  Well then I guess I am a racist.
       I do not understand why I have scenes and stories constantly thrown in my face as to how ‘normal’ the lifestyle is.  State after state has voted that gay marriage is not legal only to have a judge turn that on it’s ear.  Even in California the voters outlawed it only to have a judge overturn the will of the people.
      We have a form of government called a Representative Republic that gives the ability of the citizenry to decide issues and elect those who represent their opinions in government.  But it also gives the safety to minorities not to be bullied and lorded over by the majority.
      The sweeping over of the will of the people by judges and a small minority will have results that are unintended.  Even if being against the practice of approving gay marriage is against the rules of the church and the stories that most accept as the word of God, there is more.
       Only one of the problems has been discussed so far about opening up marriage from a man and woman so far.  That is the possibility of the state ordering churches and the clergy to perform marriage even though there is no belief of it in their doctrine.  But there are others.
      What will be the next push for ‘rights’?  Polygamy?  Can the government ban marriage between one man and more than one woman.  There are radical sects that practice it still alive even though the Mormon Church gave it up to prevent a war with the US Government.
What of recognizing Shiria Law and the multiple marriage and age lowered to age eight?
     What about group marriage?  Or marriage to animals?  Where does it stop once you open the door?  Are there sincere couples that feel they should have a right to marry there significant other.  I am sure.  Are their civil rights in jeopardy?  Seems most of that is covered.
Once the lid of Pandora’s box is removed it is impossible to put back on.
There is only one class of person left that it is legal to discriminate against in jobs and even simple features in public for comfort and safety and that is overweight.  Gee there just has to be at least one group that people can look down their nose at and publicly insult.


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