Roger’s view from the hills: Who are you?

Roger Ringer
Roger Ringer


                                                  Henry Ford
     When you read this the elections will be over and you will be filled with either joy or dread.  You have been bombarded by so many half truths and lies that the future is either clear as a bell or muddy as the Mississippi.  This may lead to more confusion but at least the bombardment of the ad campaigns are gone and all we have to put up with is the news media again.
     So in the mean time the world has gone on and who won will likely not have much to do with what is real.  Have you stopped to evaluate what is real to you?  Maybe you should.
      In the last news cycle we have two different stories of suffering and two different ways of handling it.  On one hand we have this beautiful woman who is only 29 years old who has been sentenced to less than a year to live because of cancer.  On the other a 19 year old who had a non operable tumor that will soon produce the same result.  Yet how each handles the news is so different.
      Each can bring a tear to this old cowboy without shame.  Life is not fair and each life has so much to give.  The thought of two so young enduring so much pain is heart rending.  Each is a reflection of how society has become and only you can determine which is how you feel.  I cannot impose my faith and beliefs on you, but this is a measure of where you stand.
      “The wisdom of man is foolish in the eyes of God”.  So a verse is written that transcends the need to justify the path these two women have to take.  Pain is a terrible destroyer of reason and without a strong faith it can lead to poor conclusions.  The need to maintain control over your life can be a terrible distortion for what your ultimate path is to be.
       Both women will inspire but which is the better?  Pouring all strength in a goal to maintain a gracious ending and marking a great example to leave behind is what each strive.  I am thankful that it is not mans wisdom that will in the end matter.
      To end your life at the prospect of what is ahead is holding all control to the end that a person chooses.  To allow the end to come as it is ordained requires more courage and sets the better example.
       Those of you who feel good at the choice taken by the lady in Oregon I feel a stab of sorrow for you.  It was sad but not inspiring.  Instead of defining the value of life it has cheapened it and enabled those who do not face the prospect of death with dignity to advocate for it.
      The girl who lived her dream and will receive the final passing with faith and friends surrounding sets the better example.


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