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A Note from Dylan's Desk


There are frequent times in our lives when the nature of our world tends to get us down. Or at least the incredible news coverage of all bad things in the world rubs us the wrong way. Regardless of how this negativity creeps into our lives, it’s important to remind oneself that there are great and wonderful things at work in the world too. One of these is the amazing weather that has shown up this past week. While low 60s and high 50s may not be very characteristic of the winter months, it is a nice turnaround from the high of 1 or 2 degrees Fahrenheit. If you disagree, you should have some fun up north instead. Just kidding, but seriously, that was just too cold for any natural human. Anyway, the point is, that we can always use good news in our lives. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some good news from us to you.

Starting off in our lineup is a millionaire who decided to use his wealth for a good cause. Making homes for those in need. In the New Brunswick City of Fredericton, a Canadian entrepreneur is cranking out tiny homes to house the homeless for extremely low costs. More than that, he provides jobs for them to get on their feet and figure out how to navigate this financial world. Our very own Wichita actually does a similar thing with the amount of housing that they provide in the biggest city of Kansas. Which means good news abroad as well as at home.

In the world of science, we also have some good news. Scientists have taken science fiction and made it into science fact. Imagine a glass that is 5 times stronger than steel. It’s hard, right? Especially for those of us who drive with a mildly cracked windshield on our cars. But it’s true! Apparently, the process of combining the intricate structure of DNA with glass creates a strong bond between different glass particles allowing for such tenacity. Just imagine the day when our skyscrapers are made of glass inside and out!

How can we speak of good news without mentioning the Chiefs! Now, I know, for those of you who aren’t really sports fans you’re thinking, “this is like the 974th time I’ve heard this today”. But, sports are an undeniably large part of our social interaction with one another. The Chiefs game several days ago was an incredible game to behold. The amount of nail-biting that took place was really quite exceptional. Regardless, our Kansas City Chiefs are heading to the Big Game and the fellowship and community we have in watching it together is reason enough for good news in our lives.

There’s good news all around us in all parts of our lives. It’s easy to lose sight of it and of how important it is, but it’s still there, waiting for us to discover it. Whether it be family good news, local good news or even bigger, it’s still there to impart positivity on our lives. That being said, given the mass media output in the modern age, it’s easy to think that it doesn’t exist. We have to continuously remind ourselves of the good that is inherent in every living thing. It doesn’t even have to be good news that we share, but a kind word, a kind gesture, or a blessing to impart on someone else. We ALL have the potential to impart good on the world. Will you be the next to show it?


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