Spooky Scary Kansas

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With the coming of the pumpkin spice season and promises of colder weather, it looks as though the summer heat is finally behind us. If you’re like me, this is great news for you. I personally thrive off of the fall season and colder climates as the leaves turn a menagerie of different colors. One common misconception of fall is that the frequent gray skies and the passing of days bring a feeling of monotony. But I can assure you, Autumn has just as much interest, if not more, of all the other seasons. Not just because of Halloween, but also because of the wild and spooky tales that come with the pumpkin-filled season. If you’re looking for a couple of spooky folktales to share with your family, you’ve come to the right place.
Starting with a legend from right in the heart of Kansas, the Hutchinson Public Library. Ida Day Holzapel was the head librarian of the Hutchinson public library for quite some time in the 20th century. After her 17 years of non-consecutive service, she decided it was time for her to move on to greener pastures in the California public library system. Little did she know, the Golden State proved not to be as green as the Great Plains. She died in an auto accident on her first day of work and never made it to her librarian post. Some say she returned to the Hutchinson Public Library to watch over the people and books there once again. Just as she did when she was alive and well. So mind your books, children, lest you anger their keeper.
The next spooky story from the Plains comes from the town of Atchison, Kansas. In the place called, Molly’s Hollow at Jackson Park. It was in this place where a horrible crime occurred in the times of segregation and violent racism. Molly was tragically killed by racist individuals and is said to still haunt the woods of Jackson Park. Locals claim that if you scream into the Hollow it screams back. I don’t know about you, but I certainly won’t be visiting that place anytime soon.
In the town of Ellis, We have the Ellis Railroad Museum. A museum that features is a number of different train-related things. All throughout the year, model train enthusiasts can be seen gathering here. But the railroad isn’t the only thing that the museum has to offer. Back in the mid-20th century, this railroad station also served as a prison in the basement. That is until a flood in 1958 killed a prisoner there. It is said that even now you can still see his shadowy form moving throughout the windows, yet to receive justice.
Overall, Kansas has so many ghost stories to offer. Being smack dab in the middle of the plains allows a lot of room for stories of mystery and charm. There are many more stories from Kansas that are not addressed in this article. Like the legend of the Man in the Bel Aire Water Tower, or Theodorsia’s Bridge in Valley Center Kansas, or so many others still brewing today. It’s quite the spooky state we live in, and it’s certainly well worth exploring. Even if you don’t follow the spooky stories from your local folklore, at least do some Autumn season-themed stuff. Even if it’s something as simple as adventuring through pumpkin patches. This Fall, be sure to adventure into the unknown a little. After all, why not? Are you afraid of what you might find?


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