Storms remind us why we need a federal government


President Obama, the man so many Kansans love to hate, has declared 42 counties major disaster areas in the wake of savage storms that wrecked large areas of central, eastern and southern Kansas. Among them are McPherson, Marion and Ellsworth.


From May 4 through June 21, tornadoes, high winds, large hail, lightning, and torrential rains moved across the state resulting in wind damage, flooding and flash flooding to public infrastructure and critical services. The storms left many places stripped bare or under water, desperate for help far beyond the ability of local agencies.


The federal government, a monster so many Kansas politicians love to hate, again comes to the rescue. Damage assessments are conducted with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine eligibility for the federal Public Assistance Program. Assistance is there for debris removal, emergency protective measures, and permanent restoration of infrastructure. Tens of millions of dollars are available.


The next time some gasbag blows the usual hot air about the evils of the federal government, think about the last storm, how thankful we were for the help. And how grateful we’ll be the next time disaster strikes.



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