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I had an email go out from my computer awhile back, but my friends that got one knew it wasn’t from me and I received some emails telling me that they had a bogus email from me. That turned into 5 hours of work for us to get my computer back to normal. All the passwords from my email to the computer and router even including our little tablets had to be changed and updated. It took forever to get everything compatible again. We keep the virus and malware programs up to date so the problem with the bogus email wasn’t with my computer. We spent at least 5 hours trying to get the problem solved so my passwords were all changed and the idiot that got into my computer and probably the router will not be able to get in for awhile anyway.

Each of our cell phones have passwords, the little tablets we use while watching tv have passwords and each computer in the house has a different password to connect to the same email server. I think I am getting to old for all this technical stuff. I have to have each password written down so I don’t have to try and remember them. There was a day when we had the same password for everything we used but we don’t dare do that anymore.

I sent a text to a friend when I was having trouble with the computer and we were working on it. I asked her; what is wrong with people today that they think it is okay to get into other peoples computers and mess them up? Her response was: “Because they are lazy and don’t want to work and it is fun for them to mess up our world.”

I don’t understand people that create and send out a virus to infect someone’s computer. They won’t even see the disaster they have created when they send it to people they don’t know. If I was a person that would do something to cause trouble for someone I would want to be there to see the chaos when it hits. These people create problems with our computers get joy out of causing trouble to people they don’t even know.

So the rest of us who are honest and wouldn’t do anything that would hurt someone else or destroy someone’s property have to spend our time, energy and money trying to block the ones that like to cause harm to the rest of us. We have to constantly change passwords to try and keep ahead of people that like to cause trouble by getting into our devices.

A few weeks ago I wanted to sign in for an appointment with my doctor and I always do the check in online and of course I had to have a password for that too. So I had to get the book out and look up what I use there so I could get into the form and answer the same questions I answered the last time with the same answers.

It takes as long to do it online as it does if you are there in the office, but I hate those big clunky tablets they hand you to fill in all the questions you answered the last time you were there. I am surprised you don’t have to have a password for that stupid tablet when you have to fill it out.

If I’ve had no changes in my life and health I don’t know why I have to fill it out every time. Who knows what the last person had when they were handling the tablet. The only places I don’t have to fill out all that stuff every time is when I go to Capstone for my joint injections and to the Dr. in Wichita that does my lower back injections.

There are just too many tablets, computers, phones and places on line that need passwords before you can get in and use them. This baby boomer is getting too old for that aggravation. I bet I am not alone with this gripe about people getting into our devices to mess them up and that we need too many passwords. To contact Sandy: [email protected]


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