Yoder water solution still waiting on contract


Those dealing with the nitrate problem in Yoder Water District 101 will get a solution, but it’s taking a while to get done.

“The City of Hutchinson and Reno County have agreed in principle that Reno County, for Yoder residents, will buy water from the City of Hutchinson,” said Reno County Administrator Randy Partington. “We will build a line from somewhere on Airport Road, connect with a meter there and we’ll then run it down Yoder Road to blend the water. The contract with the City of Hutchinson has not been completed yet.”

It’s really about being sure that the math works out for both sides.

“It’s really just coming to an agreement of what that rate is, what the commercial water rate is,” Partington said. “The City of Hutchinson charges in cubic feet, the county, for our water districts, charges in thousands of gallons, getting different conversions and the agreement that the city of Hutchinson has with the number of meters, versus us just having one meter. It’s really just the legal part.”

There areĀ 7.48 gallonsĀ of water in one cubic foot of water.

“We’ve been working on the financing, grant applications, loan applications,” Partington said. “We just about two months ago, I believe, went to engineering, to full engineering. That takes about three to four months. Then, it has to get KDHE approvals, 90 to 120 days. It will be October or November before we put it out to bid. We’re moving as quick as we can, but with government, sometimes the red tape takes a long time.”

This means that the line probably won’t actually be run until at least next year.

As reported on Hutch Post.


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